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Delivering quality employee benefit programs and services to the cooperative system.


Protection for Your Finances

Accident Insurance

  • Pays benefits for injuries and accidents that occur on or off the job (24-hour coverage)

  • Supplements medical plan deductibles and out of pocket expenses

  • Benefit examples include fractures, dislocations, lacerations, burns, ER visits, follow up treatments, etc.

  • Includes life insurance benefits for accidental death

Critical Illness Insurance

  • Pays a lump sum benefit for a covered critical illness diagnosis

  • Provides up front benefits at time of diagnosis when employees may need the most help

  • Guaranteed issue and no pre-existing condition limitations

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

  • Pays benefits for hospital admission and confinement due to illness, injury and surgery

  • Hospital admission and confinement for maternity covered with no pre-existing condition limitation

  • COVID-19 is now a covered condition

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